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Kurve Jugs


Looking for the perfect pour? Kurve Jugs are your best friend. At Dot Design Group, we understand the struggles of storing and pouring the perfect beer. That’s why, we’ve created a solution that has changed the game in the beverage industry – and now, your business can enjoy it too! 


Kurve Jugs are the perfect tool for pouring tap beer and soft drink! These premium jugs come with world-class features:

  • Three different sizes to choose from: 950ml, 1140ml, and 1700ml
  • Stackable pitcher saves space and allows for easy storage
  • Self-draining, and commercial dishwasher safe 
  • 100% BPA free 
  • Premium materials – strong, durable, and sturdy 
  • Fully customisable for branding and communication 
  • Gives a premium pour


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The perfect way to pour a beer


According to the experts, here’s how to properly pour a beer: 

Step 1. Tilt your glass at a 45-degree angle from the beer

Step 2. Aim the opening of the beer bottle or can to stream down the middle of the glass

Step 3. At the three-quarter mark, slowly tip your glass upward

Step 4. Finish pouring straight down the middle of the glass to create a perfect beer head. 


Kurve Jugs make beer pouring all too easy – try it for yourself for guaranteed success and satisfaction! 


Customise your Kurve Jugs today 

At Dot, we offer a variety of design services that can help elevate your Kurve Jugs. From custom branding, seasonal promotions, to everyday bar use – our top-notch decal printing services enable clear and easy communication to customers. Designed in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, and manufactured locally or offshore – Kurve Jugs are highly accessible for everyone to enjoy. 


If you’re looking for the perfect stackable pitcher, Kurve Jugs are the way to go. Contact our expert team at Dot Design Group to customise your Kurve Jugs today!