QuickFIT Extrusions (Copy)



QuickFIT Extrusions


Tired of picking up price tickets off the floor at the supermarket? Constantly getting confused about which prices belong to certain products on the shelf? At Dot Design Group, we have invented the solution to these issues. Introducing QuickFIT Extrusions – the most versatile and customisable POS self extrusions on the market. 


Reasons Why Shopper Engagement is Important 

Brands are usually consumed over acquisition, clicks, and impressions – and customer engagement is often overlooked upon. 


Designed in-house at the Dot Design headquarters – we take pride in our QuickFIT Extrusions being highly versatile and well-suited to every store’s format. Additionally, we offer a wide range of design services that can take your shelf extrusions to the next level. From iconic custom branding, to featured promotions, and even call-to-action signage – let us help you communicate your brand’s image and ethos to customers, new and old. 


Enquire today by contacting our specialist team at Dot Design Group. As renowned innovators of QuickFIT Extrusions – we’re your first port of call for anything brand actiation-related. 


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