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A computer that is displaying a design rack example from Dot Design POP Display
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Design Services

It is impossible to bring an idea to life without considering some element of design. That’s why design plays an integral part to businesses’ branding, product design, and marketing processes. At Dot Design Group, our specialist team of designers are involved in every service we provide. These include: 

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Product design 

It comes to no surprise that product design is obviously important for businesses. However – what makes a product considered to be of high-quality? There is no definitive answer, because quality is subjective to customers. That’s why it is so important to cover all bases so that your product can be universally enjoyed by everyone! Here are some product design elements that brands may consider:

  • Does your product solve a problem that has not been addressed in the current market? If the product already exists, how is your product better than other competitors? 
  • Is your product efficient and easy to use? 
  • How has your product been tailored to your customers’ wants and needs? Has your brand taken on board customer feedback from previous products or launches? 

Customising displays and racks 

It is important to remember that marketing always goes beyond the product itself. At Dot Design, we understand brand consistency – let us help you design custom displays and racks for your next store-fitting or pop-up event. 

Designing brand activation strategies 

Like designing retail displays, designing brand activation strategies to align with your product is highly effective. Make your brand activation interactions engaging and memorable with our products at Dot Design! 

Industrial design and manufacturing

Efficient product design during the manufacturing process aims to save time, energy, and money – all of which can be taxing resources in the industry. Contact us today, or view our design work below. Let’s collaborate!

Design Services for Riot Wine Container Graphics

The Riot Wine Teddy Picker venue graphics entailed creating a unique, colourful and interested graphic that was adaptable across all facets.

Without being overly specific to the brand we designed a generic geometric pattern that was applied to the container. 


Ladies Immersed in Riot Wine Graphics


Wood Fired Pizzas Surrounded by Riot Wine Container Graphics


Drinks, Wine and Riot Wine Container Graphics


Riot Wine Cocktails and Container Graphics


Pizza and Sparkling Wine Immersed in Riot Wine Container Graphics with Design Services by Dot Design