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Display Racks and branded activations from Dot Design POP Display
Dot Design

Displays, Racks & All Things Design

It’s more difficult than ever to make your products stand out on the shelf. The rise in competitors and innovative products has made it tough to remain relevant on the market.

Fortunately, at Dot Design – we specialise in providing our trusted clients with innovative retail displays and beverage racks that are guaranteed to convert and boost sales! We have all the tools available to look after your brand from start to finish. View our range of services below!

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What Are the Top Benefits of Displays and Racks?

There are a variety of reasons as to why using retail displays and racks leads to effective and successful sales. Here are a few:

Sports Store Pruduct Display as Done by Dot Design Group to Help Brand Activation

1. Displays and Racks Increase Brand Visibility

Retail stores frequently bring in new stock, and it can often be overwhelming to see mountains of products with no real organisation. Retail displays and beverage racks help showcase products to customers in an aesthetic and organisational manner. With the use of branding strategy such as colours, and custom signage – your displays can attract a lot more attention. At Dot, we offer a wide range of design services that aim to customise your brand’s displays to make them striking and unique.

2. Displays & Racks Encourage Impulse Buying

High-quality retail displays involve plenty of strategy. In combination with brand activation ideas such as custom signage, packaging, and shelf extrusions – impulse buys are guaranteed. Our point of purchase displays are an easy tool to increase sales – placing them at checkout points subconsciously influences customers to pop products in their basket.

C4 Energy Drink POP & Dump Bin Display
Electrolux Display for brand activation in the supermarket

3. Organisation is Key

Successful retail displays and beverage racks are typically arranged in a way that makes products easily accessible to customers, whilst catching people’s eyes at the same time. At Dot, organisation is no issue of ours – our arrangements for delivery, fittings, and installation ensures seamless displays that can be appreciated by you and your customers! Contact us today or view our work below!

C4 Displays And Racks At Walmart

If you haven’t seen the new C4 racks across America yet then you must do your shopping online. These racks are everywhere and so they should be. Made with quality steel and interchangeable branding that works. The racks are easy to place, shop and capture the impulse sales they deserve. Great brand needs a great rack and this one is an example of both!

When you need your display racks to convert, we have you covered. Check out our slide show and contact us today!


C4 Drink Stand & Display Rack


C4 Drink Fridge & Display Rack


Cool C4 Drinks & Display Rack


C4 Energy Drink Display Rack


C4 Energy Drink POP & Dump Bin Display