QuickFIT Extrusions



QuickFIT Extrusions


The smartest and most versatile POS shelf extrusion platform that leaves traditional extrusions for dead.


Our QuickFIT Extrusions are completely designed in-house and are created with your bespoke POS needs as the forefront of the design process. We look at Shelf Extrusions as the vehicle for endless POS and shopper engagement platforms, that will leave you selling space versus picking up tickets off the floor. The best bit is, our extrusions will save you endless hours of replacements each night and provide even more POS solutions that actually work in your store format.

QuickFIT Extrusions are industry-leading shelf extrusions that aim to conveniently communicate product information straight off the shelf, to you. Here’s what we love about our QuickFIT Extrusions:

  • Sturdy and durable – made to last on the shelf
  • Reusable and made of environmentally friendly materials
  • Endless customisable options – branding and add-ons available
  • Digital options available
  • Increases shopper engagement and awareness

Whether it’s QuickFit Extrusions, CoolKit Coolers, or Halo Jugs – we are a one-stop shop for all your design needs!

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