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Draught beer product display POS & Branded beer taps

Mobile bars have been increasingly popular over the years – and we at Dot Design, completely understand the hype. 

For over 22 years – we at Dot have made all things draught beer and beverage a whole lot easier for businesses and customers to enjoy. We have found the solution to make beverages more accessible, mobile, and customisable than ever before.

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Why Should You Invest in Mobile Bars?

Here are three reasons why you should consider investing in mobile bars:

1. Unique design and features 

Our mobile bars at Dot are fully customisable from head to toe – we offer an array of design services to ensure your bar cart caters to your needs and desires! Some of these features include: 

  • Customisable tap decals 
  • Customisable draught tap badges and handles
  • Customisable digitised beer badges 
  • Top-notch cooler design to keep drinks cold and refreshing, and secure 
  • Electric mobile bars available
  • Sleek design with custom branding

2. Endless storage options 

Limited storage space means limited service for customers – that’s why, we at Dot Design take storage seriously when it comes to executing our mobile bars. We understand that different brands feature or specialise in different beverages. You can count on our mobile bars having endless storage options to suit particular events and beverages. We can customise your bar cart to optimise space efficiently and to your liking! 

3. Built for on & off premise events 

High-quality mobile bars are easy to set-up and pack away after events. At Dot Design, we prioritise versatility and efficiency – our mobile bars are specifically designed for dual set-ups like stationary events or temporary pop-up executions. In combination with our signature brand activation strategies such as custom signage, custom drink coolers, and display installations – your ultimate mobile bar is guaranteed for success! Contact us today, or view our beer branding work below. 

Carlton Draught Beer & Beverage Branding Services

Beer Branding is important and yet so many brands devalue their brands with faded, plastic or cardboard options that leave the brand looking sad and the planet dealing with landfill. Our Bar Fly Beer Badges are the highest quality beer badges in the world. Unrivalled in quality to reflect the worlds best beers. When your beer matters enough to brand it properly, let us design and build you a brand that will hold taps and not fill the bins! Carltron Draught is just one of the brands who demands quality across everything they do, why would you cut the only true voice for you in an already cluttered bar environment?


Carlton Draught Pot & Branding Services by Dot Design


Carlton Draught Beer Pipes Brand Activation by Dot Design


Carlton Draught Brand Activation


Carlton Draught Beer Tap Brand Activation


Carlton Draught Beer Badge and Brand Activation


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Carlton Draught Beer Badges in Mass Quantities for Brand Activation