Frost Bit Clip


Frost Bite Clip

Are you looking to spice up your products that are sitting in the commercial fridge? Introducing another POS innovation by Dot Design Group – the Frost Bite Clip! The Frost Bite Clip is a category solution specifically designed for fridge doors in retail environments. Equipped with fully customisable branding and moulding, the Frost Bite Clip helps to make your brand stand out from all angles.


  • Fridge Category made easy
  • Multiple fridge door POS options
  • Mould them in any color
  • Contact us now for a demo
  • Cost affective Fridge POS that lasts

Frost Bite Clip is the fridge category solution that works. Our products guide your beverages from the fridge to your customers’ glasses – our QuickFit shelf Extrusions playing a supporting role to the frost bite clip, and our branded and fully customisable stackable pitchers helping to get your drinks flowing.

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