Brand LED Signage



Brand LED Signage


Simple, cost effective, light and super bright wall and window signs that last.


Signage doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be simple, cost effective, bright, long-lasting, and easy to install. Introducing Brand LED Signage by Dot Design Group! Brand LED is a high-quality, patent pending, custom LED signage service for businesses. This leading innovation at Dot has changed the game in the custom signage market.

BrandLED is a new product for optimum brightness and ease of placement, and with our new featherweight design, this could be the most affordable and easiest sign to place on the market. Brand LED is the ultimate signage for shop fronts, retail displays, pop-up stores, and even the casual beer display, too. 

We love Brand LED because:

  • Ultra bright light which can be seen for miles 
  • LED lights are energy saving 
  • Cost-efficient and affordable
  • Featherweight design 
  • Super easy application – can mount onto any walls or other surfaces 
  • Fast and global delivery – efficient packing and transport available

Packed with wall or window applications, these will be the best way to have your brand illuminated in any space. Aside from our branded LED signage and beer displays, we also brand Bev Bar Electric Trolleys, Flat Packed Can D Pop Displays and a whole range of other branded products and displays.


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