Well-implemented retail display stands is a technique that has been around in the business and marketing industries for decades. They play a vital role in visual merchandising and ultimately, selling products. With new brands and products being released every day, it is safe to say that competition is continually on the rise. Fortunately, with the aid of modern technology and creative ingenuity, product display stands can be elevated to boost sales like never before. However, first it’s time to acquaint ourselves with some fundamentals. 

From the basics, to in-depth strategies, and real-life success-stories – this guide will be your ultimate best friend in taking your display stands to the next level. If you’re in need of assistance, or don’t know where to start, Dot Design has you covered! Contact us for a consultation today!

What Is A POP Display?

To start, let’s break down the term ‘POP display’. POP displays, also known as ‘point-of-purchase displays’, are a marketing tool used in retail stores to promote specific products or special offers. These displays aim to increase customers’ attention, in the hopes of encouraging buyers to pick up those products and follow through with the purchase. In essence, high-quality POP displays effectively do the following:

  1. Create an emotional response in the shopper
  2. Educate the buyer through brand imagery and messaging 
  3. Create a memory with the shopper
  4. Convert!

What Different Kinds Of Display Stands And Retail Displays Are There?

Product display stands that have helped our clients convert in-store customers
Some of the many varieties of product displays by Dot Design

In today’s day and age, the creation of numerous types of POP displays and product display stands are taking over the market as a result of the rise in new technology. POP displays can either be permanent or temporary – with many subtypes and advantages to each. Some of these different varieties of POP Displays include:

Permanent POP displays

Permanent POP Displays are typically larger and made from sturdy materials that are made to be long lasting. Elements of permanent POP displays are usually customisable, such as adjustable shelving – making them versatile for big visual merchandising changes.

Temporary POP displays

Temporary POP displays are more commonly used by businesses, especially when marketing seasonal products or special offers. Made of cardboard, temporary POP displays are usually less expensive to purchase – making them the perfect marketing tool for smaller businesses or for pop-up stores.

Digital POP displays

Digital POP displays have been recently emerging into popularity! They typically include digital screens or monitors that play content. Digital POP displays are the perfect way to be creative and highly visual. They are usually used in combination with either permanent or temporary POP displays to maximise its effect.

At Dot Design Group, we offer a wide variety of both customisable permanent and temporary retail displays, as well as digital and non-digital elements to elevate your POP displays! These include:

  • StacLock 
  • Quickfit Extrusions
  • iSee Coolers


StacLock Display Stand in a Supermarket
StacLock of C4 Energy Drink

StacLock are 2-in1 stackable units that are designed to pack and transport products, as well as displaying them for ultimate efficiency. Made from 100% recycled materials, StacLock is fully customisable, meaning you can reconfigure the mounts to your desired size and height. In combination with our top-knotch design services, you can add custom branding to StacLock to add an aesthetic touch!

QuickFIT Extrusions

QuickFit Extrusions found in Woolworths Supermarket
QuickFit Extrusions found in Woolworths Supermarket

QuickFIT Extrusions are a smart POS shelf solution designed to optimise shelving space and prevent unnecessary waste. With digital options available, QuickFIT extrusions simply snap onto existing shelving, and the appropriate POS signage slides through seamlessly. Again, with the use of our design services, custom branding is also ideal to elevate your display.

iSee Coolers

iSee Cooler for Jack Daniel's featuring their beverages in a cooler
iSee Cooler for Jack Daniel’s

iSee Coolers are the ultimate way to increase your brand’s visibility. With a slick design, the insulated coolers lie on a sturdy, steel trolley to maximise mobility. We’re all about customisation – we offer high-class design services to help bring your brand’s vision to life. iSee Coolers are perfect for your seasonal pop-up store or for in-store promotions.

How Important Is Product Design To Converting?

Product design refers to the way in which you choose to arrange and present certain features and benefits of a particular product to customers. High-quality product design typically requires meaningful strategy and storytelling of a brand’s vision and ethos. 

What is considered to be high-quality product design is highly subjective – these views may not necessarily align with others. For example, some people may consider products that simply ‘do the job’ are sufficient. On the other hand, other brands or customers might look at a product’s durability to be its selling point. 

Generally speaking, however, here are some aspects that brands should take into account when deciding design a new product: 

  • Does your product address an existing gap in the current market? If the product already exists, what makes your product stand out against your competitors? 
  • Is your product efficient, accessible, and easy to use? 
  • Are you willing to pay attention to detail? 
  • How does your brand’s ethos link to the product? Does it tell and sell a story? 
  • In what way does your product cater to your customers’ wants and needs? Have you considered customer feedback and reviews? 

How product design can change the world | Christiaan Maats

In this TEDx Talk, designer and entrepreneur Christiaan Maats, discusses the importance of product design – beyond form and function. “Meaningful products are based on a belief system we can identify with and serve a purpose that we can empathise with”, Maats explains. 

While it is no surprise that high-quality product and industrial design is important, designing beyond the product is what will distinguish competitors over the line – leading to higher conversions, increased sales, and loyal customers. 

At Dot, we understand the importance of gaining conversions through storytelling. We offer a vast array of product and industrial design services that will elevate your business – visit our site for more! 

View Maats’ insights into product design in the YouTube video below:

What are Brand Activations?

Brand Activation for Pimms
Brand Activation for Pimms with a Promotional Event

Brand activations refer to the process of making your brand known – this can be done by increasing awareness and engagement through events, experiences, and interactions. Brand activations typically run set campaigns that are aimed at target audiences for optimal effect.

What is a Brand Activation | Brand Master Academy

Brand activation strategies are commonly tied to particular goals. Some of these goals might include the following: 

  • Goal #1: Customer sign-ups
  • Goal #2: Increasing  brand awareness 
  • Goal #3: Social media engagement 
  • Goal #4: Customer acquisition 

Goal #1: Customer Sign-Ups

There are a variety of ways to increase customer sign-ups. Digital marketing campaigns are popular, such as email subscriptions. Incentives such as online coupon codes for signing up to brands are notoriously successful for first-time customers. Live pop-up stores with physical sign-ups are also a great way to increase brand exposure.

Goal #2: Increasing brand awareness

Now, with the help of modern technology, increasing brand awareness can be done successfully and easily like never before. Brands have made the most of influencer marketing and User-Generated Content (UGC) – the exposure of seasonal PR packages and giveaways for new and upcoming product launches have taken over the internet (and for good reason!). In-store and pop-up events are also popular – with the right branding and strategic use of product display stands, brands can make the most of sales and conversions.

Goal #3: Social media engagement

As mentioned in the previous goals, social media has taken over the marketing world. With plenty of opportunities to be creative – brands have taken initiative to run campaigns, competitions, movements, and vlogs across a variety of platforms.

Goal #4: Customer acquisition

Brands can bring in new customers through a variety of advertising strategies, such as Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, or print and media adverts. Pop-up stores with live demonstrations or samples of products also effectively attract customers. 

At Dot Design Group, we offer a wide variety of tools to help increase branded activations for your business. From small, intricate details to major display options, we have you covered for your next product display setup.

How Can Brand Activation Help Customers Convert?

Did you know, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand? This is why it is so important for brands to have that ‘spark’. Being memorable to customers is what stands your business apart from others. 

Brand activations require high levels of strategy and planning to lead to optimal conversions. In fact, there are a variety of psychological tactics that are often implemented by brands to increase brand exposure and sales. In combination with social media and professional branding techniques, brands can successfully carry out their campaign with some of these techniques: 

  • Colour psychology 
  • Customer testimonials / success stories 
  • Brand voice and image

Colour psychology

It is proven that colours alone can influence up to 90 per cent of a brand’s first impression. These colours can also be associated with particular emotions – making it an incredibly important feature for brands to consider when designing products.

Do you want your product to evoke loyalty, power, joy, or harmony? Is your target audience more feminine, masculine, or both? These are some of the questions that brands may consider when designing their future products.

While colour psychology is important for product design, it is useful to look beyond the product, too. Product display stands and retail displays also require a focus on colour psychology. Consistency between branding across products and displays will lead to more memorable associations between the two. Our leading design services team at Dot Design are specialists in customising our POP displays, suited for any occasion or campaign.

Customer reviews, testimonials & success stories

Customers love social proof – this can be in the form of reviews, testimonials, and published success stories. 93 per cent of customers read reviews before purchasing a product – this helps to inform their decision on whether the product is worthwhile or not. People tend to put trust towards brands that are transparent, and allow others to share their truthful experiences with their product or service.

At Dot Design, our renowned product display stands have led to successful brand activation campaigns for our clients. Here are some of our recent projects:

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz bar cart surrounded by oranges
Dot Design Group Aperol Spritz bar cart pop up

Working with Campari Australia, we created a mobile bar cart for Aperol Spritz, dedicated for Sydney’s summertime. Using a variety of POP display features, props, and Aperol’s signature orange branding – the pop-up cart served as a delicious treat for passers-by, as well as a successful conversion tactic from a marketing perspective.

Bud Light – Team Keg

Branded Bud Light Team Keg
Branded Bud Light Team Keg

In collaboration with Bud Light and Team Keg, we have innovated a beer-to-table service that does not disappoint! Its cooling technology allows for customers to enjoy high-quality beer at your table with minimal refills. Branded Bud Light beverage racks for the win!

Canon Australia

Canon Australia Retail Brand Awareness
Canon Australia Retail Brand Awareness

We designed a unique aisle display for Canon’s Print Assist printer range, available in all Harvey Norman stores. The sleek product display design with the classic, red branding allows for ultimate brand visibility.

In Conclusion

All in all, product display stands are integral to marketing and visual merchandising. From simple and temporary solutions, to intricate and long term options – displays require a large effort of brand strategy and execution.

We at Dot Design Group, are the experts in everything design and display related. If you’re looking to take your brand to the next level – we are your first port of call! Feel free to contact us for a consultation, or visit our site for more information on our products and what we do.

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