The Importance of Investing in High-Quality Product Design

It is no surprise that product design is incredibly important for your business. But, what makes a product considered to be of high-quality? The truth is, there is no definitive answer because overall quality can be subjective. For example, one customer might believe that products that are efficient are of high-quality standard. On the other hand, another customer may think that a product’s durability leads to high-quality. In this way, it is important for businesses to consider a wide array of factors that constitute high-quality product design in order to cover all bases! 


At Dot Design Group, our specialist team can help your business from the very beginning! Here are some of our reasons why investing in high-quality product design will always bring success to your brand: 


What Makes a Product High Quality?

Here are some questions that brands should definitely consider asking themselves when designing their next product: 


  • Does your product solve a problem that has not been addressed in the current market? If the product already exists, how is your product better than other competitors? 
  • Is your product efficient and easy to use? 
  • How has your product been tailored to your customers’ wants and needs? Has your brand taken on board customer feedback from previous products or launches? 


High-Quality Product Design Establishes Brand Reputation to Customers 

Product design aims to effectively communicate your brand’s message in an aesthetic manner. When seeing your company’s product on the shelf or online, customers know exactly what to expect when purchasing your products. Since customers are putting their money towards your product, they want it to be of high quality! That’s why it’s important for businesses to consider many fine details including the content, themes, and branding that is on the product and packaging. In this way, high-quality products are able to establish meaningful connections with the brand, which customers take note of. 


High-Quality Product Design Makes Your Brand Memorable

Customers forgetting your product or brand name is every business’ nightmare. Fortunately, there is plenty of useful evidence and advice which can elevate your next product design. Humans in general are better at recalling visual cues than text! In fact, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Therefore, it is crucial that brands opt for consistent brand themes when designing products in order for them to remain recognisable and memorable. First impressions count – and that is why quality extends beyond the product. 


High-Quality Product Design is Ethical & Cost-Effective

It is very understandable that smaller businesses or start-up companies are not willing to pay professional rates for design services and are trying to do it themselves. Upfront costs are expensive and product design may not often be prioritised over other bills and spending. However, it is proven that initially investing in high-quality product design is the way to go. For example, your business can lower production costs by undergoing higher quality design trials that require fewer amendments. Or, taking in ongoing customer feedback leads to fewer returns and complaints! Yes, while spending more time and money at first may seem daunting, product design in combination with effective marketing will guarantee success to your business. 

Therefore, perfecting your product design at the beginning will save your business money and time, minimising unwanted stress for you and your customers.

If you’re taking those initial steps into branded product design, you need reassurance that it works. It’s important to make sure your service provider has the skills to activate your brand and convert!

Overall, investing in high-quality product design is integral for driving sales. Coming up with a creative design strategy will save your business time and money in the long term! If you are looking to elevate your brand but are unsure where to start, contact Dot Design Group for assistance! For more information on our services, visit our site

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