4 Tips To Increase Sales With Dump Bin Displays

You must be thinking, how can you use dump bin displays to promote your products and increase sales? Dump bin displays can be a great strategy in encouraging customers to make that purchase before they leave the shop. They are floor-standing displays that are usually used for promotional and discounted clearance products. They are also cheap and effective as they are designed to create a sense of urgency for the shoppers to acknowledge the products displayed. So, if you want to increase sales and encourage impulse buys, dump bin displays are the solution for your store. Follow the tips below on how to increase your sales with dump bin displays. 


 1. Organise your products 

Too often dump bins are used to indiscriminately place a high volume of different products inside the same dump bin display with no order or category. This can overwhelm customers when it includes too many different items. When sorting out your dump bins, you can arrange them in terms of different colors, categories, or even brands to grab customers’ attention instead of mixing different products together. 


 2. Keep the dump bins full 

After organising the dump bins, you should make sure to always keep them full to pique customers’ curiosity. While most customers visit a shop knowing what they want to purchase, placing dump bin displays would appeal to customers by leading them to buy the items that are not listed. These displays are hard to avoid while shopping in the store as they would be curious to see what is inside the dump bin. It is also important to select items that are easy for customers to pick up and go through the dump bin. 


 3. Place your dump bin displays in high-traffic areas 

One of the most crucial parts of placing a dump bin display in a store is to find a location with high visibility. Think about high-traffic areas where people linger the most. Is it by the door? Or by the cashier? Oftentimes placing them near the cashier is a great strategy as shoppers tend to look at the products placed nearby the cashier while waiting to pay. You can also put the dump bin displays near highly relevant products to increase the chances of customers noticing and buying them. Some shops would also place them outside to grab passersby’s attention. This step is strategically important to promote the products and entice customers into the store. No matter where you place the dump bin displays, make sure to not clutter the shop as it may create an overall negative shopping experience.


 4. Group associated products together 

As a versatile display for many products, it is crucial to strategically think about what to put inside. Since products come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, it can be a bit of a challenge to sort them and make everything look good as a whole. You can first begin by identifying the highly relevant products. Think about hand trowels and pruners, they can be put inside the same dump bin even if they come in different colors or shapes because they are both essential gardening tools. As mentioned above, mixing unrelated items or making them look unorganised would discourage customers, and ultimately hinder your branded marketing journey. So remember to be organised and think about the customer experience! 


Dump bin displays are extremely useful and are a valuable strategy for retail stores. If you are looking for dump bin displays to help your products stand out and increase sales, check out our website to see what we can offer! Or if you need any help on custom displays and design services, feel free to reach out and contact us.

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