3 Design Elements to Consider Before Your Next Shop Fitting

There are many aspects to consider when designing a shop fitting for your business. How can you effectively utilise your shop space whilst keeping your target market in mind? In what way can we maximise customer flow, leading to an optimised shopping experience? Luckily at Dot Design Group, we provide specialist services to businesses who are looking to elevate their next shop fitting. Here are our top three tips from our Dot professionals! 


 1. Pick an On-Brand Aesthetic or Theme 

Deciding on an aesthetic or theme design is incredibly useful in tying your shop floor together. There are so many ways to achieve this – your retail displays can be seasonal, year-long, or temporary! As such, sticking to an overall colourway or theme design guarantees brand consistency. 

You might also want to consider elements such as appropriate lighting and music. If you’re a surf shop, you’re probably going to be playing some beachy, summer tunes. On the other hand, a vintage clothing store might play classic Bee Gees vinyl to set the store tone.


2. Choose the Appropriate Display Vessels For Your Product 

Certain products can benefit from strategic packaging, shelving, or display placements in your store. Ideal display units and vessels  will appropriately fit your products, include clear and easy-to-read signage and be accessible for customers to grab on the go. 


It’s important to invest in high quality and versatile display units and vessels so that they last forever in your store. For example, a display stack may be best for, say, drink merchandising, but won’t be as effective (or practical) for electronics. At Dot, we offer a wide range of custom display units to suit any shop and store fitting.

display racks dot design group

They include: 

  • Timber units 
  • Basket units 
  • Dump bins 
  • Free standing units 
  • Counter units 
  • Pallet displays 
  • Permanent units 


3. Prioritise Your Shop Layout to Drive Impulse Sales 

There are plenty of strategies to increase traffic to your store, in particular, impulse sales. Studies have revealed that most customers naturally look left first, then right as they enter the store. In this way, it is imperative that businesses make the most of their space during their shop fitting. By considering the placement of particular displays or signage, you are increasing your product’s visibility on the shop floor. This makes it ideal for the customer as they are more likely to impulsively pick up the product at first glance. 

Additionally, creating clear walkways on the shop floor enables customers to naturally follow through. This makes the shopping experience highly pleasant and convenient for customers, encouraging them to stay in the store for longer.  There are numerous store configurations you should try at your next shop fitting: 

  • Grid 
  • Diagonal
  • Angular 
  • Boutique 
  • Free-flow
  • Racetrack 
  • Geometric 


At Dot Design Group, we help our clients choose the perfect design aesthetic for their business. Have a shop fitting for your business but don’t know where to start? Feel free to contact us for a consultation! For more information on our services or a general scope on what we offer, visit our site

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