How To Use Unique Assets To Stand Out

You have created a brand or business – congratulations! But what now? It is important to think about how to market your brand and how to make it stand out from the competition. That means generating marketing strategies such as utilising unique assets to attract and retain more consumers. One of the most important aspects of marketing your brand is your brand equity and brand awareness. These key concepts are essential in creating value for your brand as well as making sure people become aware of your brand. 

Brand Equity 

A model which can illustrate your brand’s equity is Keller’s Model. It is a step-by-step model that requires you to learn about your own brand (salience) and become thoroughly involved (resonance). Needless to say, a brand’s goal should be to reach the top of the pyramid. To attain the goal, brands need to provide consumers with a sense of community. This helps to have consumers grow a positive attitude towards your brand. But before all that, we have several steps to take in order to get there. One of these would be to help people become aware of our brand and also satisfy their physical and social needs. 

Four layers of Kellars Customer-Based Brand Equity Model
Kellar’s Customer-Based Brand Equity Model

Unique Assets and Competitions

In this day and age, people need new forms of stimulation. Competition is stronger than ever and it is easy to be drowned out by hundreds of other brands competing for consumers. This is why creating unique assets to stand out from the crowd is important and valuable to the brands. Unique assets need to be directly associated with the brand. It can be logos, packaging, visual merchandising, store layout, music, and other elements. 

Roku Gin and Unique Assets

When Roku Gin first arrived in Australia in 2019, they asked Dot Design to create interesting and premium assets for the brand to stand out from their competitors. The designs created with their brand image and position in mind were a great success. Roku Gin is now one of the fastest-growing Gin brands in Australia, and Dot Design are proud to have played a hand in their marketing narrative and brand success. 

The unique assets we created for Roku Gin were original, unique and fit their brand image. From the iconic hexagonal design permeating throughout the designs created, Dot Design attempted to resonate and reinforce the key features which the brand held. Additionally, Dot Design paid homage to Roku Gin’s country of origin – Japan. Cherry Blossom is scattered throughout the cuisine as well as at the Roku Gin Sakura Terrace. This pop-up event in late 2019 was a massive success, with thousands of people visiting throughout the month and becoming exposed to Roku Gin. 

89% of brand users do not think their brand is different from competitors. In such a climate, it’s important that your brand differentiates from your competitors – whether this is from style, theme, price, or whatever else. One of the most gripping and distinctive methods to do so would be creating a project that has not been done before – a project that’s uniquely yours. 


All in all, your brand needs to create value for customers in order to stand out from your competitors. You can do this by being better than your competitors, or by bringing something new to the table. In a climate where every industry and market seems saturated with competition, it is important for brands to be innovative in order to stand out. Offering interesting and innovative projects helps create memorable experiences for potential consumers. Utilising such unique assets can not only improve overall brand equity but also increase sales.

If you’re looking for implementing unique assets and different marketing strategies to improve your brand equity, feel free to visit our website and contact us for more information!

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