How Custom In-store Designs Can Help Storytelling

Certain stores are simply more memorable than others. There are reasons for this, such as the use of particular colours and graphics used in branding, or the relatableness of a company’s ethos. In this day and age, there are so many products on the market – it is so hard to offer something new and innovative. That’s why it is more important now than ever to make sure your store sells a story. Custom in-store designs in combination with strategies can help brands to engage in storytelling. It is ultimately one of the most powerful tools in marketing today. At Dot Design Group, we are the leading experts in telling brand stories! This is how we do it: 


Good Storytelling – First Impressions Matter 

Ironically, the common phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not necessarily work well for storytelling in the world of branded marketing. Consumers make initial judgments about products that tend to stick with them throughout their shopping experience, such is the power of custom signage and branded activations. Studies show that within just 7 seconds, people form their first impression where it is very hard to change their original opinion. 

Through in-store custom designs, you can strategically set the tone of your store, subconsciously controlling people’s judgements about your brand. Creating custom in-store designs that are eye-catching, organised, well-maintained and of high quality ensures effective storytelling for consumers. 

Custom In-Store Designs are Personal 

Custom in-store designs are incredibly influential.  It allows customers to get a sense of what it would be like to own products from particular brands. For example, one of our recent projects with Campari Australia featured a mobile Aperol Spritz bar-cart. At Dot, we were able to create custom designs utilising the brand’s signature orange colour and props. In this way, we were effectively selling the story that Aperol Spritz = going on an Italian vacation. At launch, customers arriving at the cart, before even purchasing anything, are able to form the personal impression that they are relaxing along the coast in the summertime. Therefore, by creating in-store designs, consumers can effectively relate to personal storylines that brands create. 

Dot Design Group Aperol Spritz Cart


Custom In-Store Designs Can Evoke Emotion 

In a like manner, in-store designs can evoke certain emotions towards customers, much like a story. For instance, going to a swimwear store can make you feel excited and much like you’re in vacation-mode from the beachy and summer displays. On the flip side, walking into a sports store can make you feel motivated to exercise after being surrounded by athletic clothes and equipment on mannequins and displays. All in all, in-store designs help to strongly connect customers with your brand. 

Dot Design Group Sports In-Store Design


Creating a story with your in-store designs is the most effective way to set your store apart from other competitors. Customers will appreciate the effort and you will see a return on investment as a result. At Dot, we are experts in storytelling, and offer a variety of design services to help your business. If your brand needs assistance, please contact us so we can help! For more information on what we do, visit our site

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