Introducing: B-EV Bar

Can’t find the bar? That’s okay, we’ll come to you.

One thing we didn’t gamble on was our B-EV Bar. We knew that this new product was a game-changer for the Casino, Events, and Stadium Beverage Sales space. The idea came from numerous requests for a Mobile Bar that was easily movable within a venue. With mobile bars traditionally being built to assist with over-crowded main bars in peak periods, this product was designed to bring cold beverages to the customers, without the need for them to search for the bar itself.‍

The best design for a mobile bar

Introducing the first electric Drive Bar that has been made with space and mobility at the forefront of the design. The B-EV Bar has an insulated drop sink bar holding over 80 bottles or cans on ice, with the waste water draining to a drop tank below, ensuring the product stays ice cold all day and night. There is space below for approx. 45 more cans/bottles, and also room to house your personal items. The rear of the bar has 2 x USB charge points to keep your phone or payment devices charged. Lastly, and most importantly, we have installed a quality cash draw with a lock and key.‍

The B-EV Bar has high signage overhead, to allow your customers to see the beverage branding amongst the crowds, and has been designed with door clearances and service lifts in mind. We have our B-EV Bars on the market in Australia and the United States, and with interchangeable branding wraps and magnetic POS options, keeping them looking fresh is easy.‍

Designed with the customer-friendly operation and navigation underpinning the original brief, these bars meet OH&S standards and multiple safety and speed settings. Easy to drive and even easier to charge with over 12 hours of power, the B-EV bar will be noticed all day and night long. Great branding and product placement make this bar the stand-out design in the Mobile Bar market.

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