Would you like Graphic Design with that?

Keeping all design services under one roof saves time and money

Dot Design often gets mistaken for a Graphic Design business and after 20 years, we decided to introduce the full design offering for you. With our clients finding less time in their days to be working between ATL, BTL agencies, design agencies, and us (Product Design Agency), we’ve taken a step out for you by introducing full in-house graphic design services.‍

Our new and professional graphic designer at Dot Design

Mitch Ellis joined the Melbourne team after freelancing for Dot Melbourne and Sydney on graphic design projects for over 9 years. Mitch has an extensive background in graphic design and joined the Dot family with the task of re-designing the business’ own branding for the global market it now actively serves. It was during this time we made our graphic design services more readily available to our customers and before we knew it, it was a service in high demand.‍

With Dot’s design offering now encompassing Industrial and Graphic Design, we’ve been able to deliver more efficiently through the initial retail/product design stage, as well as the POS design and application. Our visual renders are now presented with ‘brand-correct POS’ to give true representation, making it a one-step approval. Keeping this under one roof has saved days (and sometimes weeks) of wasted discussions, meetings, and phone calls, and provided a simple internal approval process.‍ You can check out our well-liked B-EV bars as a graphic design example. 

If anything, retail display solution needs to be flexible to accommodate changing product ranges, seasonal promotions, and updates. At Dot Design, we will make sure to design according to the needs of your business and retail marketing more broadly. Whether it’s a POS brief for display purposes, or purely a brief for unique Graphic Design, you will be in good hands (like you always are) with Dot Design!

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